Music and shows

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Al Ayre Spanish

Concert of baroque music the 23.3.1997 the Eglise de Saint Michel organized by the Embassy of Spain, Antonio Machado and Circle Center Catalan Luxembourg.

André Mergenthaler, Marga Clark and Valentí Gómez

Recital Poem Suite (muse & elf) he 20.10.2007 the Neumünster Abbey.


Anna Aguilar-Amat

Participation in publishing 2014 del Spring Luxemburg Poets (25-27.4.2014).

Carles Torras

Carles Torras

Presentation of the film Trash to the cinema Utopia 16.6.2011.


Casala & Rossi

Concerts the 22.4.2005 has Brewery Judgment i el 7.7.2007 in the marc festival 1492+2007, A new discovery.

David Castillo

David Castillo

Recital Day Sant Jordi and local participation in the Printemps Des Poetes 2015 of 24 to the 26 d’abril (Culture factory, Esch-sur-Alzette; colors, Luxembourg ville).

Edmon Roch

Edmon Roch

Presentation of the film Garbo, l'home that will save the món to the cinema Utopia 8.2.2010.

Entredos - Maralavista


The group formed by Elisabeth Rome and Víctor Valls performed during the traditional dinner of St. George, the day 18 d'April 2008, al restaurant Chez Rafael.

Folk Encís

Sardana dance Esbart Encís Manlleu Place de Paris, the day 15 July 2012.


Choir of Montserrat

Concert the 16.06.1997 in the church of Saint Michel in Luxembourg organized in collaboration with the Chorale Saint-Michel.


Franca Masu

Concert the 5.11.2004 has the Neumunster Abbey, in collaboration with the Cultural Meeting Center of the Abbey of Neumünster in Luxembourg Ville. Second concert in the same venue 3.12.2009, in collaboration with the CCRN and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Lussemburgo.

Francesc Marco

Francesc Marco

Musical soundtrack and recital “Towards glass” has the Kulturfabrik in Esch-sur-Alzette (3.2.2009). Marco Quartet Concert with Francis in the Neumünster Abbey 09.11.2009. The musical accompaniment “Towards glass” the Kulturfabrik with Jiri Slavik (3.5.2011).

Inge Mees i Stephen O’Connor

Concert Foyer European el al 12.1.1990.

Jaume Roures

Jaume Roures

Presentation of the film Salvador XIV under the Catalan Film Season (13.02.2007).

Joan Marimón

Presentation and debate around his film Agree with cat (02.02.2009).


Jordi Camell

Concert "Tribute to Albéniz", 30.5.2010 a la sala de Op melt Dudelange.


Jordi Savall and the Capella Reial de Catalonia

Concert of the courts of Alfonso I and the Duke of Calabria 6.12.95 al Municipal Theater Luxemourg City. In the marc of Luxemburg European Capital of Culture 1995.


José Antonio Labordeta

Concert the 28.1.95 at the RTL Auditorium in Luxembourg Ville in collaboration with the Círculo Cultural Antonio Machado. In the marc of Luxemburg European Capital of Culture 1995.

Josep Tero

Josep Tero

Concert the 1.10.2001 a la sala Sang & Klang.

L’Aquari Trio

Concert the 13.10.2011 has the Brasserie Neumünster (Luxembourg) the group Mannijo.

L'harness fire

L'harness fire

Concert the 5.5.2006 has the Kulturfabrik in Esch-sur-Alzette.



Marc in the 32e Festival des Migrations, concert the 14.3.2015 a LuxExpo (Luxembourg ville).

Lidia Pujol

Lídia Pujol

Concert the 12.11.2010 the Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg City.


Lluis Llach

Gave a recital 20.3.1990 the music conservatory of the city of Luxembourg. We revisited the 16.3.2000 the Festival of Migrations, quan will act to Victor Hugo Hall.


Maria del Mar Bonet

dos concerts, 23.4.88 and 23.4.93, Auditorium of RTL in Luxembourg Ville (the second time on the Brussels / Luxembourg / Nuremberg tour). The third concert 3.5.2010 the Neumünster Abbey.


Marina Rossell

He 14 February 1989, concert at the Théâtre Municipal study of the city of Luxembourg.


Meritxell Jorba-Cucurella

Of 18 to the 20 d'April 2008, recitals en el marc del Spring poets.

Miguel Poveda

Miguel Poveda

Concert of 15 d'October 2007, has Neumünster Abbey.


Miquel Pujadó

Concert al French Cultural Center in Luxemburg el 20.11.1998, St. George's Day 2004 the restaurant Chez Rafael i local of the CCL 11.2.2015.

Narcís Comadira

Narcís Comadira

Poetry reading (1.4.2011) at the headquarters of the Catalan Center and participation in the Printemps Des Poetes 2011 (2 and 3 d’abril).

orchestra barcelona

Barcelona Orchestra 216

Concert a l’Auditorium RTL el 26.10.1994.


Emporda Chamber Orchestra

He 22 of November 1996 will act RTL l'Auditorium.


Ovid Montllor

Concert a l’Auditorium RTL el 29 September 1990, accompanied by Toti Soler.


Pau Riba

Concert the 05.07.1991 a l’Auditorium RTL.

Pep Sala concert

Pep Sala

Concert the 10.11.2006 has Neumünster Abbey, in collaboration with the Cultural Meeting Center of the Abbey of Neumünster in Luxembourg Ville.


Peter goats (Marc August Mountain)

Workshop and concert of folk songs for children in the room Blood&Klang (30.11.2013)


Pere Herms and Raül Coromines

Presentation of the documentary The men who wanted to climb a mountain of more than 8.000 metres, he 26.1.2015 al cinema Utopia


Pere Soto Trio

Performance at the Den Atelier 25.04.1996.



Concerts the 7.5.1998 in the auditorium of Villa Louvigny Luxembourg Ville; he 10.11.2005 has Neumünster Abbey, in collaboration with the Encounter Cultural Center of the Abbey of Neumünster, i the 3.10.2012 also Neumünster.

Ramon Térmens

Presentation of his film Catalunya about everything Film Series XIX in the CCL (Utopia, 16.2.2012).

rosa zaragoza

Rosa Zaragoza

Concert of Rosa ZARAGOZA (5.6.92) al Auditorium RTL Luxembourg City. Collaboration with the Frankfurt Office.



Festival Live at Vauban, he 14 July 1995, the Zelstad of Luxemburg.

Sílvia Bel, Llúcia Vives and Carles Beltran

show Foods he 14.9.2014 the local show Damn poets in the Neumünster Abbey 15.9.2014, within the framework of the activities of the tercentenary.

Soloists Coast

Concert, 18.10.1997, Convict Center of the City of Luxembourg.


Susanna Rafart

Participació al Spring poets, of 23 to the 25 d'April 2010.

Teresina Jordà

Piano concert has four al mans European Foyer, 6.6.1989.


Tete Montoliu

Accompanied by his trio, gave a concert in the Hall Melusina 11.12.1988


Toni Xuclà

Concert a la Sala Sang & Klang Luxembourg City (15.11.2003).

all soler

All Soler

Acting jointly with the Ovid Montllor 29.09.1990. later, concert a la Sala Sang & Klang Luxembourg City (17.10.2003). New tour for twenty years in the company of the Catalan Center Llúcia Vives Jordi Jané and the 18.10.2007.

group Tralla


Concert a la sala Sang & Klang (28.02.1997), Folk Clupp jointly with Luxembourg.

The Kung Fu

Concert en el marc del Migration Festival (13.03.2009).

The Troubadours

The Troubadours

Concert the 27.11.1993 a l’Auditorium RTL.

Urbalia Rura

Urbalia Rura

Concert the 2.12.1994 Sang to Sala & Klang.

Víctor Bocanegra/Obiols

Concert the 23.04.09 Al Chez Rafael i recital of Poesia en el marc del Spring poets 2009 (24.04 a la Kulturfabrik i 25.04 the Neumünster Abbey).


Victoria de los Angeles

Concert the 12.11.87 Conservatory of Music in Luxembourg Ville.