Here you will find links to the videos of the CCL a Vimeo. In our profile on this portal, there are recordings of some of our activities and other interesting videos.

Videos from CCL to Vimeo
The lipdub with the song "Jennifer" by Els Catarres (2011)
Virtual chat with Rolf Tarrach (2020)
Virtual chat with Daniel Raventós (2020)
Virtual chat with Pau Vidal (2020)
Virtual chat with Nandu Jubany (2020)
Virtual chat with Maribel Berges (2020)
Virtual talk with Joan Dausà (2020)
Talk with Jordi Sullà Pascual (2020)
Talk with Quim Casas (2020)
Conversation with Salvador Lladó (2020)
Talk with Alba Balcells (2020)
Conversation about journalism with Teresa Carreras (2020)