Penya Barca de Luxembourg

Peña Barça Luxembourg is recognized as an official number cliff 1925 by FC Barcelona in the summer of 2009 (all Barça fans remember). this cliff, like any other rock Barca, is a non-profit organization that aims to bring together all the inhabitants of Luxembourg who share a common passion: the Barca. Headquarter, more or less formal, Q42 is the bar, in the Rue de Strasbourg, where fans gather to see matches Barca.

In March 2010, Rock has opened a website (currently being tested):

What we want to do:

  • We want to establish a stable meeting place so that all Barça fans Luxembourg know that the site can go to see all the matches of Barca and Barca will find other, who said the move (Bar now called the Q42 42, rue de Strasbourg, L-2560 Luxembourg).
  • We organize trips to keep the club in the travel near and not so near Luxembourg. We also want to organize a trip every year to Barcelona to attend a game at the stadium of Barca.
  • We organize events in Luxembourg related to FC Barcelona:
    • Veterans matches (the presence of the team of veterans Barca.
    • Matches fry, Children, cadets, the presence of the youth teams ranks of FC Barcelona.
    • Round tables with the presence of a manager / Barca player.
    • Supper between partners.
    • And any other act that most members consider relevant.

Why become a member of the club?

When you become a member of the club, have the following rights:

  1. To participate in all events organized by the club
  2. To benefit from discounts at events organized by the club
  3. A benefit of any advantage that the club can provide for agreements with companies and associations
  4. To choose to be part of the board, including its president, as stipulated in the statutes of the Rock
  5. In any advantage that can be offered in the future
  6. In all the benefits and services that FC Barcelona provides all the clubs official:
    • Ticket Request
    • children's tickets
    • Participate or organize the meeting World Clubs
    • Participate or organize meetings zone
    • Participation of representatives of FC Barcelona in events organized by the Rock
    • Receiving the rock by representatives of FC Barcelona on match days (once a year)
    • Placing a plaque at the Camp Nou with the shield of the club and its founding date, the corresponding inauguration
    • Receptions journeys sports
    • Offers in the club shop “FCBotiga”
    • Promotional material

For more information, visit the website of Barca, section rocks.

How to become a member of the Rock?

1. Fill in the membership form, found on this page, and send it by email to 173, Cite Roger Schmitz; L-7381 Bofferdange o via mail a the address of the rock.

2. To pay the annual fee. There are three types of quota:

  • Individual Quota 20 € for adults
  • Individual fee for under 10 € 16 years
  • Family fee of € 30 for children under marriage more 16 years.

For more information, please get in touch by email of this association. If you want, You can also become friends Penya Barca Facebook Facebook.