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Luxembourg is home to some 8.000 Spanish (almost 1.100 Catalan) the majority of whom work in the services sector (mainly financial and technological), European institutions and, to a lesser extent, in sectors such as construction and industry. There are almost no Spanish companies. The labor market is, without a doubt, much better than in Spain or Catalonia and maintains a dynamic job creation high. Unemployment is around 5%. However: we must not forget that there are three official languages ​​Luxembourg (French, German and Luxembourgish) and a good knowledge of at least one of them is necessary to gain access to interesting opportunities. Other languages ​​such as English are also very important in the labor market.

All citizens of the European Union (EU) or a country assimilated benefits of free movement in the EU, cosa que li dona dret aworking and settle in any country of the Union. Administrative formalities to be completed in Luxembourg vary depending on whether the length of stay or not more than three months:

  • For a stay less than 3 months (sightseeing tour, visita familiar, business trip, professional activity, job search, etc.), EU citizens do not have any administrative management. A valid passport or ID card is enough. The Luxembourg State is not required to pay any social assistance.
  • For a stay more 3 months (career as an employee or independent, as a student enrolled in a public or private institution accredited or have sufficient financial means not to become a burden on the state), EU citizens, valid passport or ID card, must:
    • make, from the 8 days of their arrival in Luxembourg, a declaration of arrival the communal administration (City Hall) where the city plans to establish his residence;
    • fill, no later than 3 months after arrival, a déclaration d’enregistrement as an EU citizen.
  • Només es pot demanar l’assistència social de l’Estat luxemburguès si s’acredita disposar de mitjans econòmics superiors al llindar d’accés a les prestacions socials. passed 5 years rights to social benefits are the same as for nationals.
  • Els membres de la família de la persona que declara una activitat professional o altra s’enregistren amb ella (spouse, children up to 21 or older if you are in charge, If parents are in charge).
  • In the case of unmarried couples must prove the existence of a stable link from, at least, a year before the arrival in Luxembourg. You can see the conditions on this page.

Per a totes aquelles qüestions de caràcter administratiu (home, Opening a bank account, Mobile phone access, etc.) we recommend the guideJust Arrived edita that the City of Luxembourg.

Generally, we suggest, if your stay is a permanent, enregistrar-vos també al Registre de Matrícula Consular del Consolat espanyol. This recording is essential for obtaining or renewing official documents (passport, certificate of residence, affidavits, births, serious accidents, etc.), as well as to exercise their electoral rights abroad. En tots els casos heu de demanar hora a l’Ambaixada espanyola a Luxemburg.

He telèfon d’emergència consular en cas d’una situació greu és el + 352 621 401 024.

He mercat de treball luxemburguès es caracteritza per ser internacional i multilingüe, per tenir un nombre excepcional de mà d’obra no luxemburguesa, a predominance of the tertiary sector and an unemployment rate reduced. You can learn more by visiting Panorama of the labor market.

The financial and insurance sector continues to be creating a greater number of jobs. Al mes de març de 2022 Other sectors with high job creation were the construction (the country is experiencing aboom in this sector), trade and auto repair, Logistics, and scientific activities and high technology (information technology, of greeting, linked to eco-technologies and space).

However: tornem a insistir que a Luxemburg hi han tres llengües oficials (French, German and Luxembourgish) i que un bon coneixement de com a mínim una d’elles i/o de l’anglès, is necessary to gain access to a job.

the portals d’ofertes de treball més recomanables són:

To sectors específics:

També pot ser interessant que us inscriviu i/o participeu en els Salons pour l’Emploi, amb molta tradició a Luxemburg i que tenen com a missió posar en contacte persones a la recerca d’ocupació amb empreses a la recerca de treballadors. Podeu trobar-ne una bona descripció en this page.

A Luxemburg operen moltes empreses de treball temporal a les quals podeu fer arribar el vostre currículum:

Com a diaris en paper de difusió nacional amb una bona secció d’anuncis de treball recomanem elLuxemburger Wort, in its weekend edition, i theLuxbazar, weekly.

També us pot interessar la informació sobre convalidació de diplomes disponible enThis page from the Ministry of Education.

Per a conèixer les normes per a l’exercici d’una activitat professional o comercial com a no luxemburguès podeu visitarthis page.

En el cas que us desplaceu a l’estranger essent beneficiaris de prestacions de l’Estat espanyol (contributory, unemployment benefits and active insertion income), keep in mind that the conditions of delivery vary according to the duration and the reason for transfer. We recommend you take a look at thisSepe page.

Com a consells de caràcter general per a preparar la vostra decisió d’emigrar des de Catalunya us recomanem llegir el document de la FIEC (International Federation of Associations Catalan) ‘Emigrated from Catalonia. En què haig de pensar? Quines són les coses que cal que tingui en compte?’

The recerca d’habitatge és un dels problemes més importants amb què us trobareu a Luxemburg. La manca d’habitatge és un problema per a tothom, tant pels ja residents com per als nouvinguts. Com a pàgines de recerca us podem recomanar:

Com a portals d’informació útils sobre Luxemburg adreçats a públic hispanoparlant o catalanoparlant us recomanem:

Finally, si esteu a Facebook, we recommend the following groups:

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