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A Catalan Luxembourg awarded the prize Batista and Roca

The Institute of Catalan Culture Abroad (IPECC) granted for twenty-five years the prize "Josep Maria Batista Roca - Memorial Enric Garriga Trullols". This award recognizes the work of those Catalans and Catalanophiles living abroad who have distinguished themselves for their work in favor of maintaining the presence of Catalan in the world and spreading the Catalan culture and nationhood in the Catalan 'outdoor. In this year, along with nine more winners, The honor has fallen to George Gairín melting Center Catalan Penya Barca Luxembourg and the Luxembourg.

We congratulate the friend Jordi, treasurer for almost ten years and chairman from July 1. With him, are a total of six members of the CCL have been recognized with this distinction (Antoni Montserrat, 1993; Openness elisenda, 1997; Pilar Ensign, 2000; Xavier Valeri, 2006; and Matthew Turró, 2007).

You have the full list of winners on the next page IPECC: winners 2013.