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Catalan courses for children. Open registration period

The CCL has organized educational activities of the Catalan language for children from 1988. There is a teaching experience behind and the teachers are competent and always ready to make this work. The work is based on the activation aware of language skills that have practical activities and entertainment, and to present, careful not to create interference on learning new languages ​​learned at school. It is totally indifferent to the school system in which your children continue their studies (Luxembourg public school, European school, other). That is why the Center wants to continue boosting Luxembourg Catalan Catalan classes for kids. For the year 2016/2017 we offer the following possibilities:

– Catalan language course (36 hours) for children in primary and secondary schools every Wednesday 18.00 at 19.00 (Wednesday 21 September 2016 Wednesday 5 July 2017).

The courses will be held in the premises of the Catalan Center (88, Rue de la Semois - Luxembourg city). The course fee is € 250 per child / child and € 225 for each additional sibling. To carry out the course, we need to have a minimum of 5 Students enrolled for the course.

In the attachment, To find the register Course registration form angles children 2016 2017 or for more information, you can send a mail (the registration form) a Catalan Center Luxembourg.