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Pep Mayolas Conference on the Compromise of Caspe

Pep Mayolas

Wednesday 12 January 2019, at 18.30, al local (88, Rue de la Semois; Luxembourg ville), hosted the conference entitled:

"The Compromise of Caspe (1412): A defeat Catalan?»

by Pep Mayolas.

traditionally, History told us that the Humane Martin, the last king of the House Catalan, died in May 1410 without legitimate offspring. After two years of interregnum, Meeting delegates to Caspe again chooses as the new Spanish monarch Prince, Ferdinand I of Aragon, in front of the Count of Urgell, James Unlucky. Mayolas questions the traditional view and asked if he was really the first commitment of the Catalan capitulation against a hypothetical emerging power of Castile.

Pep Mayolas (Arenys de Mar, 1962) is a writer and researcher at the Institute New History. He studied Business Studies at UAB. He wrote in local newspapers Maresme and has participated as a speaker at the Symposium of the Catalan discovery of America from Arenys de Munt 2007 and all editions of the Summer University History in New Crespià (2013) i a Montblanc (2015-2018). L’any 2011 published The princess in exile. Felipa de Coimbra (1435-1497), Biographical approach to the wife of Christopher Columbus. He is also the author of the novel Madrix (2015) and the collection of articles Censorship and the sixteenth century Catalan postveritat (2017).