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Spring of Poets 2019 Eduard Escoffet

Spring 2019 beauty

One year, Center Luxembourg participates in Catalan largest poetry festival that hosts Luxembourg: el Spring of Poets. On this occasion, dates are 15, 16 and 17 March. In this issue, by the way, under the theme “The beauty”, the CCL will double presence: on one hand the poet Eduard Escofet (or Escoffet, as he signs) and, the other, Guitarist David Murgadas.

The events of the festival are (the program may still be some variation):

  • Friday 15 March, from the 19.00, the Learning Center University of Luxembourg (7, Under the blast; Belval), official opening of the festival and recital half of the invited poets, among them, the Catalan Eduard Escoffet.
  • Wednesday 16 March, at midday, brunch Literari old restaurant the colors, in the presence of all the poets.
  • Wednesday 16 March, from the 20.00, Gran nit de la poesia la sala de Edmond Dune Abbey, with the participation of all the poets and invited the winners Jeune Printemps. On this occasion, the musical interludes will be in charge of the Catalan guitarist David Murgadas.
  • Wednesday 17 March, at 11.00, a la galerie Simoncini (the center of the city of Luxembourg), Morning poetry with poets half of participants.

All events are free.

Eduard Escoffet

Edward was born on the Escoffet 1979. Poet and cultural agitator, has practiced various aspects of poetry (visual poetry, written, installation, oral poetry, poetic action), although his work focuses on sound poetry and live concert. In addition to its activity in the scene counter Barcelona, has presented his work at poetry festivals and programs throughout Europe, a la Xina, South Africa, the United States and several countries in Latin America. He is the co-founder of the collective untitled poetic projects – (1996-2016). He was co-director of Barcelona Poetry (International Poetry Festival of Barcelona) between 2010 i the 2012 and directed the festival poetic practices present proposals to the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (2000-2004). En paral lel, also worked as a consultant in cultural policies.

He has published books of poetry Almost (Labrador, 2012), The earth and sky (Labro, 2013) and Even less (Labro, 2017), and the artist's book Estramps with Evru (2011). With the band electronics Bradien, with which he collaborated between 2009 and 2016, published albums dust (spa.RK, 2012) and Scale (spa.RK, 2015). He was also commissioner, Eugeni Bonet, the film series Soon on this screen on film lyricist MACBA (2005). He is co-author of the plays ¡Wamba viral! (Gerard Altaió, José Martí Sales and Pedrals, 2005), Puaj./Ecs. (G. Altaió and J. Pedrals, 2005) and La Belbel Underground (Carles Hac Mor and G. Altaió, 2006).