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Exterior Catalonia Day

[Press the FIEC]

Next Sunday marks the International Day of Catalonia Exterior 2019

Barcelona, 25-04-2019

In order to remember the hundreds of thousands of Catalans who live abroad, This Sunday, day 28 d’abril, will celebrate the International Day of Catalonia Exterior 2019.

The International Day of Catalonia Abroad is an initiative of the International Federation of Catalan Organizations (FIEC), which comprises the majority of schools, Catalan clubs and associations abroad. Casals Catalans in the meeting of the Southern Cone of America, Celebrated on 1997 in the Argentine city of Mendoza, the FIEC presented the proposal to institute this Day. The proposal was approved by a majority, both for the Catalan communities of America and for those of Europe and the rest of the world. He 1998 the International Day of Outer Catalonia was celebrated for the first time.

With the approval of the Law 8/2017, from 15 June, of the Catalan community abroad, this International Day is now a celebration in which the Government of Catalonia, according to the article 3 Law, must give institutional importance with the aim of disseminating among Catalan citizens the existence of both Catalan emigration and the entities in which it is organized and their trajectory..

Unfortunately, this second institutional edition of the International Day of Catalonia Abroad will be held to coincide with an electoral calendar that will not highlight how this day should be..

Once again, these elections have shown the deep democratic deficits suffered by Catalan communities abroad., as well as those in the rest of the state, with an electoral law that deprives them of the right to vote due to the impact of the so-called rogue vote than, once again, it will leave hundreds of thousands of Catalans without voting. All this while in both Spain and Catalonia emigration abroad does not stop and our entities are more necessary than ever as spaces for reception and guidance.. A panorama that turns the International Day of Catalonia Abroad 2019 in one of the most atypical in its history.

Since the creation of the International Day of Outer Catalonia, the FIEC publishes an annual commemorative poster. This year, the poster is the work of Esteve Pedemonte (Tenerife).

In previous editions, the commemorative poster for the International Day of Outer Catalonia has been made by the artists Ràfols Casamada (1998), Antoni Clavé (1999), Josep Guinovart (2000), Chantal Ripol (2001), Roser Capdevila (2002), Sergi Mas (2003), Maria Girona (2004), Pilar Alférez Pinós (2005), Antoni Tàpies (2006), Núria Muñoz Ginesta (2007), Carles Ballesteros (2008), Maria Andrews (2009), Mauricio Vicente (2010), Antònia Soplón (2011), Nani Navarro (2012), Xavier Mariscal (2013), Flor de Maria Coto de Lemus (2014), Tamara García de la Calle (2015), Mireia Rodríguez Boada (2016), Mauricio Vicente (2017), Ivan Fox (2018) i Esteve Pedemonte (2019).

Exterior Catalonia Day 2019