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Justin and The Sword of Courage (XXVII Film Series)

Justin and sword value

One year, end of January comes Series Film Center Catalan Luxembourg. This year it does so with four very different films, director invited authors and titles that we have in previous viewings Cycle.

As usual, Film screenings will be held at Utopia.

The children's film is, this time, Justin and The Sword of Courage, Manuel Sicilia, Saturday will see 1 in February 16.45. Features the voices of Adolfo Moreno, Antonio Banderas (who is also the producer) i Inma Cuesta.

Justin is a young man living in medieval kingdom tedious. His dream is to become a knight of value, as was his grandfather, but to do so will have to overcome a series of difficult tests.

A children's film that breaks a lot of clichés.