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ACTIVITY CANCELED – On the concert by Raw

CAUTION: atesa la situació general, ens hem obligats a anul·lar aquesta activitat. Esperem poder-vos presentar el grup més endavant.

Cartell concert On the Raw

Friday 13 March, at 19.30, al local (88, Rue de la Semois; Luxembourg ville) we present the concert group

On the Raw

Format per Alex Ojea (percussion), Jordi Amela (keyboards), Jordi Prats (guitar), Pep Espasa (saxophone and flute) i Toni Sánchez (low), On the Raw and Catalan group progressive. All its members are from the previous groups well known in the scene progressive Catalan (such as Harvest, Dracma o Apple Smell Colour) and now have come together to work on a different project, more personal.

His music, instrumental, draws on the sources of jazz but flirts with rock and electronics. The result is a very own style, very emotional, that is becoming increasingly popular in Catalonia and around. In fact, Luxembourg concert is part of a European tour including Belgium and Germany. In fact, als Països Baixos són molt apreciats, fins al punt que el seu segon disc (Climbing the Air) va ser inclòs entre els millors del 2019 per la revista de referència en rock progressiu.

Obrirem les portes a les 19.00 i el concert començarà a les 19.30. Prices are for 15 euros (partners) O 20 euros (non-members).

Mentre esperem que arribi el març, podeu escoltar-los here.

Grup On the Raw