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Migration Festival and Book Fair 2020

Festival des Migrations

Between late February and early March (28.2 – 1.3), celebrates a new edition of the festival since Migrations, Cultures and Citizenship. Will take place LuxExpo thanks to the efforts of the organization and CLAE.

Hundreds of associations are displayed the diversity of the communities living in Luxembourg. overall, will be three days of music, discussions, gastronomic diversity and more in a festival that annually visit more 25.000 people. In fact, edition 2019 broke the record of organizations present and visitors and this 2020 expect similar figures.

With each any, the sample is combined with an art exhibition and the Salon du Livre de Luxembourg, meeting point for writers, editors and readers of all cultures and languages ​​present in the Grand Duchy and its area of ​​influence.

The Catalan Center Luxembourg will be present with a stop information, sale of products and paella (New this year to be thankful to our chef), found in the space reserved for the festival since Migrations. Obviously, will also be present at the Book Fair with our traditional Catalan library, the latest publications in Catalan and Spanish.

On the other band, Saturday 16.50, students Classroom Music Orchestra Granollers will perform at the big stage. They are visiting Luxembourg and will use them to listen to them on Saturday and Monday local host.

In this edition we present, Sunday afternoon, a conference (with the collaboration of AREL): writer David Castillo We discuss the libertarians who participated in the Spanish Civil War, years later, Indochina War. He will do so from his latest novel: The tango of Dien Bien Phu.


Those willing and able to devote some time to help us in any of the CCL stands you will be most welcome. You can send an email with your availability to our usual address or get in touch with us through any other channel. Many thanks in advance.