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Conference on cybersecurity (new date)

Thursday 2 June (new date) We invite you to the conference on cybersecurity that we are organizing with theAntonio Machado Circle. It will be taught to us by an expert, Bruno Pérez Juncà, on the premises at 19 hours. This is the conference scheduled for the 3 May that we had to cancel due to force majeure.

Cybersecurity is a growing issue. It affects us in everyday life, with hackers stealing or hijacking citizen data to sell or get a ransom. On the other band, it is also another element of current politics and geopolitics, as seen with the Pegasus program scandal or the war in Ukraine.

Conference on cybersecurity

We will talk about all this with Bruno Pérez Juncà, forensic computer expert. Professor at the University of Barcelona, he is also a trainer for the security forces. Collaborator and disseminator in everything related to cybersecurity, it is common to find it in media like RNE, TV3 or Catalunya Ràdio.

You can also follow this conference on cybersecurity online on the new date, if you sign up in advance by sending us a messagecontact address.

The conference will be in Spanish but you can ask questions in any language.