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Biography of Nativity Yarza

Thursday 22 of September we present the biography of Nativitat Yarza. We are waiting for you at 19.00 to the premises to talk about the first woman who served as mayor in Catalonia. We will be accompanied by one of the two authors of the biography we present: Isidre Surroca. With Antoni Dalmau, they have written a biography that addresses all aspects of the life of this historical figure. That's why it has the title: Nativity Yarza – mistress, mayoress and militiawoman.

Biography of Nativity Yarza

Nativity Yarza Planas was born in Valladolid on 1872 and died on 1960 Toulouse. It is celebrated this year, then, the 150th anniversary of his birth. She is known above all for having been the first female mayor of Catalonia, specifically from Bellprat, boredom. His figure, Yet, turns out to be quite more complex and, so, we want to talk about it in depth.

The presentation of the biography of Nativitat Yarza will be in Catalan and live, but you can also follow it on Zoom with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish. It will be necessary, But, that you previously register by sending an email to Our usual address.

In collaboration with AREL (Friends of the Spanish Republic in Luxembourg) and of the Josep Irla Foundation.