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Christmas lunch and Uncle Festival 2022

We invite you to the Christmas Dinner and the Uncle's Party 2022. It will take place Sunday 18 of December at the Salle des Fêtes du Home St. Gengoul, a Merl (26, rue St. Hubert – Luxembourg ville).

Little by little we are recovering the traditions of the Catalan Center that the pandemic modified or left for later. One of them is, of couse, he Christmas Lunch. We will meet again for one last family activity before the end of the year. The little ones will make the uncle shit and the older ones will sit around a lunch to make her fuck.

Lunch will begin at 13.30 hours. Everyone who wants to attend the lunch must bring something to eat, roughly the 13.00 to have time to prepare the buffet. For its part, the CCL will contribute with the drink.

Christmas lunch and Uncle Festival 2022

At the 16.15, in the same room, take place the traditional Festa del Tió. This year, we will have Roger Vilà, member of the children's animation group Alls Confitats. There will also be gifts from the uncle, chocolate, Games, songs and other activities. If you could were booking before Friday 14 to our address of Contact. A booking, specify what you will bring for food and the age of the children participating in the Uncle's Party.

The price for both activities is 10 euros. You can come just for lunch or just for the Uncle's Party, but you must let us know… I, obviously, it is much better if you come to both activities.