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Jordi Ninus is back

We are particularly excited to announce that a good friend of the Catalan Center is returning to Luxembourg: the singer and composer Jordi these.Ninus! The day 29 d’abril, at 19 hours al local, will offer us a concert to present his latest album: We can be birds again. to finish, we will have a dinner there and we will be able to discuss the recital with its protagonists.

Jordi Ninus is back

He January of 2017 we enjoyed for the first time in Luxembourg the songs of this singer and composer from Cardedeu. Since then, has published two more albums: Unreal (2018) and We can be birds again (2022). Besides, has participated in the Catalan version of Frozen 2, voicing Kristoff's songs.

Like last time, Jimmy Vidal will accompany him on guitar. They promise, with ever, positive energy, lyrics to sing and reflect on, sentiment, lots of sympathy and good music. Besides, at the end of the concert we will have dinner in the same place so that we can all discuss the experience together.

The price of dinner and concert is 20 euros.