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The new Luxembourg Constitution

The Catalan Center of Luxembourg invites you to a conference on the new Luxembourg Constitution: what changes? Why does it change?? how it changes? The debate will take place on Tuesday 6 from June at 7:00 p.m. at the Catalan Center in Luxembourg (88, Rue de la Semois; Luxembourg Ville).

The new Luxembourg Constitution

These last weeks, you have found a trilingual copy of the new Constitution of the Grand Duchy in the mailbox. This new Constitution will enter into force on July 1st 2023. used to, in the Catalan and Spanish cases, that the constitutional changes are very complicated, with an outsized role for the courts, with a total lack of consensus between the political parties, etc. it may come as a surprise that in Luxembourg things went through a constitutional review commission where the majority of parties were present, without the intervention of higher courts, with a difficult consensus with the head of state, etc. Besides, which can be even more surprising, without going through a referendum.

Therefore, how was this possible? How the debate on the constitutional review has been carried out? The contents of the new Constitution contain important novelties in some points: the trilingual model of the country how it will work? How will almost half of the population who do not have Luxembourg nationality be associated with political participation? What will be the powers of the councils now? How popular initiatives for legislative or constitutional review can be proposed?

Per tant, we think it's worth trying to learn a little more about the new Constitution of the country that hosts us and we cordially invite you to take an interest in it.

Who will tell us about it??

For the political explanation of the new Constitution, we will count on people who have participated in the constitutional debate from the Luxembourg associative world. For example, with Antoni Montserrat Moliner (which has participated from associations such as the Platform Immigration Integration asbl and from the CLAE) and with other good people familiar with the matter.

The debate will be in Catalan.