The Bookseller of Kabul

Author / Author: Seierstad, Åsne

Published: 2003

Editorial:editions 62

Cams: 346

ISBN: 9788429755114 Category:


Quan al novembre del 2001 Åsne Seierstad arriba a Kabul, la primera persona amb qui es troba és el llibreter Sultan Khan. Ell és un venedor hàbil i bon conversador: “Primer els comunistes van cremar els meus llibres, després els mujahidins em van arrasar la botiga, finalment els talibans me’ls van tornar a cremar”. Un dia, el llibreter la convida a sopar a casa seva, i li presenta la seva família. Els homes riuen, expliquen anècdotes i fan broma, but women speak little. During his living with this family, ASNE Seierstad is prohibited direct witness of love, marriage of convenience, crimes and silent rebellion of women still feel condemned to "eat dust" .Åsne Seierstad, with only thirty-two years, is one of the youngest and war correspondents regarded d`Europa: for their reports Kossovo, Chechnya l`Afganistan, has received many national and international recognition, including the award for best television journalist in Norwegian 1999, Best writer 2000 awarded by the prestigious Elle magazine and Free Speech Award for best war reporter. The Bookseller of Kabul (editions 62) has been translated into a dozen languages ​​and has been chosen book l`any, awarded the prize of the Norwegian booksellers.


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