La princesa y el presidente

Author / Author: Giscard d'Estaing, Valéry

Published: 03/2010

Editorial:Ediciones B

Cams: 256

ISBN: 9788466644365 Category:


This is the story of a passion shared by two exceptional people. The heroine is no doubt much to her ownQueen of Heartswhose life would end in tragedy shortly after getting rid of an unhappy marriage. She conquers almost effortlessly and without wishing to an eminent statesman. We attended their relationship that develops in the palaces of the French Republic and the British monarchy, at the mercy of the official travel and State obligations. And we see how, despite the pressures that hamper the lives of the protagonists, what could only be a fantasy becomes a great love. Is it a work of fiction that finally does justice to the figure of Lady Di? How much of reality into fiction? It’s up to readers to judge.


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