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Trobada de casals catalans d'Europa

The meetings of Catalan communities outside Europe have a certain tradition. Are meeting, to discuss experiences and proposals for networking, moments that have always been important to know other ways of working, establish personal ties and promote the spirit of collaboration between people and entities. Given the current budget situation, it was not possible to organize the World Meeting scheduled for Casals Catalans 2012 (which would have included a European meeting). However, is at the moment when these meetings are necessary. Per tant, the different Catalan Communities Abroad and other groups of Catalans have organized a meeting in Brussels for the days 28 and 29 September. The companions of the Catalan Center in the Belgian capital have pledged to take care of logistics.

The Center Catalan Luxembourg, we encourage you to participate in this meeting, the details of which are in the attached document. remember, for reasons of space and organization, you need to register Troabada.

Mailing Meeting of CEC Europe 2013.