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Catalan language activities for children

As many know the Center has encouraged Catalan Luxembourg, over the years, activities teaching of the Catalan language aimed at children residing in Luxembourg in different age groups. These activities have different expressions (courses at the European School, theater groups, activities periescolars, etc.). Obviously the organization of these courses must be adapted to every age, according to the number of students and the availability of families, regarding the specific way in which organized. The arrival of many new speaking families or linguistically mixed in Luxembourg in recent years suggests that activity recommenced differently to previous years.

The Catalan Centre Luxembourg (CCL) has a perfectly prepared to host local Catalan language activities for children for the next school year 2013/2014, but above all we need to know if you are interested and what would your availability and your children.

Please note the following:

  • The CCL has organized educational activities of the Catalan language for children from 1988. There is a teaching experience behind them and the teachers are competent and always ready to make this work.
  • The work is based on the activation aware of language skills that have practical activities and entertainment, and to present, careful not to create interference on learning new languages ​​learned at school. The success of the method used in the past 25 fully supports the work years.
  • The distribution of students would be natural for groups of schooling (maternal, primary and secondary) where appropriate and reached a minimum.
  • It is totally indifferent to the school system in which your children continue their studies (Luxembourg public school, European school, other).
  • That this appeal relates specifically to express your interest in the activity of teaching of Catalan and has nothing to do with your participation in activities other children who also carry out (workshops, movies, festivals, etc.).

So please:

  • We confirm by email (to the usual address) your interest and availability that your children participate in the activities of the Catalan language for children 2013/2014.
  • In the same email you indicate the ages of your children, languages ​​spoken at home and what would be your preference as day activity (only indicate whether weekday or weekend).

Once we have the information necessary, on your side, and we have reached the minimum number of students to start activity, contactaríem with stakeholders prior to a meeting where they would set different organizational details.

Remember the great effort by the Center Catalan Luxembourg assumes the maintenance of this teaching, we hope, you will find all the active support they need and deserve the Catalan language.