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Registre voluntari de catalans i catalanes residents a l'exterior

Then you attach an important statement of the FIEC:

CATALAN GOVERNMENT HAS CREATED THE VOLUNTARY REGISTER OF Catalans living abroad, A TOOL TO IMPROVE THE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE STATISTICAL 225.000 CATALAN registered abroad and to be able to exercise our democratic rights

Barcelona, 04-06-2014

On 2 was published in June Diari Official the Government of Catalonia Decree 71/2014, from 27 May, establishing the Register of Catalans living abroad and establishes the requirements and procedures for registration. The purpose of this registry is, initially, a better understanding of who we Catalans abroad and to establish appropriate policy support at all levels (social, educational, working, etc.). The Register could, may be, also serve, if you contemplate the future consultative referendum law to be approved by the Parliament of Catalonia, census as living abroad voting in these consultations. You can find the text of decree:

How many of us Catalans abroad?

All Spanish residents abroad in our time of registration at the consulate or embassy of where we reside are automatically registered in the PERE (Register of Spaniards living abroad) l'managed INE (Statistics National Institute) Spanish. On January 1, 2014 medal 221.444 Catalans registered at consulates and embassies around the world. The registered at PERE over 18 years are automatically registered in the CERA (Electoral Register of Absent Residents) 1st April that were 175.485. The data are published PERE once every year while the monthly CERA they are. Since then the growth registered in the CERA between January and April 2014 we estimate that we are already near 225.000 Catalans living abroad (all ages) registered in embassies and consulates.

And if the world PEDRO CERA and why create a registry Catalans living abroad?

PERE management corresponds to the Spanish INE CERA and the Office of the Electoral Spanish. The Catalan government has access only to aggregate data supplied by both agencies but we know who the Catalans living abroad, what our demographic characteristics, with no opportunity to address us personally. Although, years, the various autonomous communities of Spain have applied to the central governments (both the PP and the PSOE) the transfer of personal data of its residents abroad, central governments always refused,. We are not the first autonomous community that tries to create a registry of residents own foreign. Before Catalonia have tried Galicia (he 2005) or Andalusia (he 2006). In both cases registration was a failure.

What will this record?

The purpose of this registry is, initially, a better understanding of who we Catalans abroad, have a detailed information of our demographic characteristics (age, educational level, sector professional, etc.) and have a solid base of information in order to establish the appropriate policy support at all levels (social, educational, working, cultural, etc.). the Law 18/1996 relations with Catalan communities abroad, approved unanimously in the Parliament of Catalonia 1996, included in article 26 creating a census of residents abroad, ie the initiative Record, but comes with 18 years behind, is fully covered by the Act. The purpose of this registry is, initially, Character statistics to improve knowledge of the needs and demands of the Catalans living abroad to develop lines of action and the appropriate programs by the Government, as well as making it easier for these citizens to exercise their rights when the Generalitat de Catalunya articulates public policies that affect or are of interest to this group..

This register will or not be able to vote in future consultations?

With hem dit, the ownership of CERA (Electoral Register of Absent Residents) the state has and can only be used in those elections or referendums organized by the State. The Parliament of Catalonia is preparing a consultative referendum law (approval is scheduled for September) using the municipal censuses (censuses and the INE) as population registers. In the case of residents abroad, not being able to use CERA, you could, if the future law so fixed under detailed rules which do not yet know, consider this record of Catalans living abroad could serve as' electoral’ residents abroad. This allows everyone, whatever the orientation of their vote, actively participate in the democratic exercise of the population speaks Catalan at everything that affects.

How can this record inscriure'ns?

The Catalan government has launched a web where you can electronically throughout the process of entry. In order to be registered in the Register of Catalans living abroad, you must fill in the web application form that you will find in this link. After the need to print and send together with the required documents.

Who can register?

In order to be registered with, should they meet all the requirements: have Spanish nationality, residing abroad (be registered in the corresponding consular fees) and have the last administrative residence in Catalonia.

And if you do not want to register?

Registration is voluntary and does not imply any obligation. It is simply a way of contributing to a better understanding of who we are and how we Catalan communities abroad and a possible way to participate democratically in decisions that affect the Catalan population.

What documents must be provided?

To prove identity and Spanish nationality can use a photocopy of National Identity Card or Passport Spanish. To prove residence abroad and the last legally resident in Catalonia can use a photocopy of the Certificate of Registration in the Register of Spaniards Resident Abroad (PERE), a photocopy of the Certificate of Registration of Voters Census Absent Residents (CERA) or a copy of a recent census of elections scheduled. You can find examples of this documentation

Minors, you can also register?

It is also important to know the characteristics and needs of the increasingly numerous Catalan population residing abroad under 18 years. If the applicant is a minor or is legally incapacitated, data must be recorded / of his / her legal representative and provide documentation of identity of the father, mare or guardian / a child. You can find the details

The Catalans residents in other communities in Spain we can register?

Continuous statistical L'Padrón that makes l'INE (Statistics National Institute) Spanish reports that, on 1 January 2014, 408.194 Catalonia-born people living in other regions of Spain. Unfortunately not been able to find any solution to safely and legally questionable not to ensure registration of such persons, also many Catalans abroad, unfortunately can not enroll in this registry.

Where can I find my doubts?

The Catalan Government has made available to all phones 012 (from Catalonia), 902 400 012 (from outside Catalonia) and 00 34 902 400 012 (from abroad).

How to motivate residents abroad to register in the Register?

It is very important that a significant number among them 225.000 foreign residents to register Register. We can not afford politically or statistically nor any failure. The role of Catalan communities abroad and encouraging their members to the Catalan population residing in your area is essential. Everyone's cooperation is needed (Catalan agencies abroad, university lectureships, Catalan companies abroad, NCAs of the exterior, Catalan political parties abroad, etc.) motivating and explaining what this record. Should be used to fund social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) and organize, the most famous, Conference Registration openly explaining what it is and it serves Register.

We ask all / all your effort and your commitment. We Catalonia Exterior, We also Catalonia.