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Festival "not pass away"

To mark the 80 Spanish Civil War years, associations (and the Catalan Center) have organized a festival 28 d'April 9 of May with a series of activities that remember this historical event with so many ramifications in the present.

Scheduled events:

– 28 d’abril: lecture by the French writer Lydie Salvayre and opening of the exhibition dedicated to the Spueniekämpfer (fins al 22 May)
– 28 d’abril: opening of the exhibition dedicated to Elna Maternity (fins al 22 May)
– 2 May: screening of the film Not pass by Daniel Burkholz
– 3 May: lecture by Alicia Alted
– 7 May: recital by singer-songwriter Rafael Amor
– 8 May: lecture by Serge Hoffmann and poetry recital about the Civil War
– 9 May: screening of the film Losers don't write history

You can find more information on the website of neimünster, where all activities will take place except the screening of Not pass, which will be at the Cinémathèque, and the day's lecture and recital 8, que seran al Documentation Center on Human Migrations of Dudelange.

organization: neimünster, Friends of the International Brigades – Luxembourg (ABI-L). Conception and artistic advice: Paca Rimbau Hernández. collaborators: Cinémathèque de Luxembourg, Antonio Machado Cultural Circle, Catalan Luxembourg Centre, Federation of Spanish Associations in Luxembourg (FAEL), Citizen Forum, Friends of the Spanish Republic in Luxembourg (AREL), Human Migration Documentation Center (CDMH), Women's Democratic Movement-Hypatia Luxembourg, Samsa movies.