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Film screening ” Ebro, cradle to battle”


Simultaneous Screening Democratic Memorial

i a 13 the Catalan Centers 25 July. At the 19,00 Center hours local Catalan Luxembourg

(88, Rue de la Semois, Luxembourg Ville)




The dawn of 25 July 1938 began the Battle of the Ebro. It will last 115 dies, had the highest number of casualties of all the battles of the Civil War meant the final defeat of the republican army.

In memory of the start date of the Battle of the Ebro, Democratic Memorial 13 casals catalans will simultaneously screen the film ‘Ebre, cradle to battle ', Román Parrado.

Cities are where you can see Barcelona, Luxembourg, Dublin, Geneva, Vienna, Tenerife, Toulouse, Edinburgh, Buenos Aires, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Santiago de Chile, Nantes, Paranà i Béziers. Also screened in September in New York, Saragossa, Rosario i Guayaquil.

L’any 1938 Spanish Civil War has worn the two armies. The fascist side has the unconditional support of arms and men facilitated by Hitler and Mussolini while the Republican army, However, is ignored by Europe concerned about a possible World War that the fate of Spain. In this environment, cross the Ebro Republican tactic seems better to call these international alliances and prove indispensable, while, resistance against the fascists, momentum carried to victory. Shortly before crossing the river, against the shortage of soldiers and high mortality in recent months, thousands of young people from 17 and 18 years are induction to the republican army. “Ebro, cradle to battle” tells the story of these young people forced to leave innocence from the whistle of bullets.