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Working day “Not pass” (Dudelange 2017)

Wednesday 19 November, Friends of the International Brigades Luxembourg (ABI-L) and the City of Dudelange (with collaboration, among others, del CCL) organized a day of tribute to the International Brigades who fought in the Spanish Civil War. This day is known as the day for years “Not pass”.

The activities begin at 11 from morning to Gare de Dudelange, they shall not pass the monument. From the 12.30, there will be a lunch for the participants who wish. This time the restoration is the responsibility of the Asociación Manos Abiertas. For lunch, it is necessary to register this address. Finally, from the 15.00, Manuela poet Parra, daughter of a Spanish exile in southern France, present his book The exile has no red ink.