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Spring Trip 2018

The Center organizes Catalan Luxembourg a year a hike to discover the nature of Luxembourg. This time we will make the Mullerthal Sunday 1 July (NOVA DATA). Here is some important information:

• ROUTE: electricity transmitter B1 de Beaufort, al Mullerthal.
· Distància: 10,5 km
· Desnivell: 420 + / 420 – (about)
· Temps de recorregut: 3,5 hours, more stops.
· Hora estimada de tornada al punt d’inici: between 14 i 15h

• LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: means. In the last section are saved in 100m 2,5km. However, is far more beautiful as you walk along a stream in a beech forest.

• MEETING POINT: a Beaufort, in the parking lot in front of the castle

• TIME OF MEETING: has the 10h

• DINAR: along the way

• WHAT TO BRING: sports shoes (best hiking boots), Cap, drink, dried fruit, cookies and sandwiches. If his bad time, steals waterproof.


· Cerveseta en algun dels molts bars del poble.
· Visita al castell medieval o al renaixentista. Last visit: 17.30h

INTERESTED: send email to Our contact address or in Carlos Fernandez.


This year we decided to return to Mullerthal, a region that always keeps places to discover. The tour of Beaufort B1 will allow for a far walk to the edge of the typical rock formations in the area, but this time we will not have to cross gaps or enter caves. As for vegetation, obviously most of the route is beech, but also will make a good straight pine. We start climbing up to the highest part of town. Once at this point, ahead to 7 km for continuing downloaded, a pair of ascents. Before starting the last stretch, may be a good time for lunch (a gazebo with tables and benches in a rock wall or estintolats). After, we expect one of the most beautiful stretches: The trail passes right next to the creek and the trail coincides with the "dipper or Narturpad”. Think it is a bird that tests the good ecological environment.



Information on natural attractions in Beaufort and Mullerthal

Photo to identify the dipper