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Snail gathering in Luxembourg


To start the summer with joy, on Sunday 24 in June 13.00 al nostre local (88, Rue de la Semois - Luxemburg City), we present a novelty in Luxembourg. Organizers of the gathering snail Lerida visit us and we will prepare a wonderful meal that will allow us to live in Luxembourg this event as if we were in Lleida.

Lunch will consist of screws on the top Gormand. As we are aware that there may be people who do not eat snails, we will have an alternative that also satisfy: yes, we have to say at the time of booking. Second, Lleida have another specialty as casserole piece. This dessert, wine and champagne for only 30 euros for members and 35 euros for non-members, and 15 euros for children.

Limited: You can book by sending an email to Our contact address.

Per cert, all products come directly from Lleida.

Snail gathering in Luxembourg