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Friends of the Arts in concert

Take the calendar and mark it in red (or another color that catches attention) Saturday 27 d’abril, because that day will perform in Luxembourg one of the most popular pop music in Catalan:

The friends of the arts

The friends of the arts

The concert will take place at eight o'clock in a room full of history, Sang&Sound del Cents. The Luxembourg will be the last concert of a European tour very special friends (taking them to Paris, London, Brussel·les i Berlín). The group dedicated the 2019 and preparing a new album, throughout the year, has not provided any concert in Catalonia. However, accepted the invitation of some Catalan cultural centers of Europe (in a joint innovative and exciting) to offer some recitals almost custom scenarios unusual for them.

So speak to your Web page:

It will be an intimate show where the three will be on stage completely naked (metaphorically) to sing a number of songs that dressed (second metaphor) especially for the occasion. To encourage you to come, We could say that is the best concert of your life but then clearly become markedly hyperbolic prediction that we would probably go to a concert hype (Anglicism) Cal God (popular expression, Catholic tradition) nor would plan (barbarism) because not to know what concerts you attended every one of you there will be no artificial fires / dancers / elephant (irony) or anything like that. then, come out saying that there was there was so (remember, T wrote in Catalan Spanish final when it can switch to "I") and this will impact negatively on your attendance at a future concert. Per tant (see: "Thus"), already come and find us. We'll give it everything (so to speak) give you the best night possible.

born 2005, Friends of the Arts is one of the most popular Catalan music scene today. They have resounding success since its debut (with self produced Catalonautes, that prevail in Sona 9 that year), accumulate awards (Enderrock, discos d’or, etc.) and concerts in front of thousands of people. Do not miss, then, the chance to have them in a format close intimate. La seva música és un pop intel·ligent, sometimes with electronic touches. The recipe for success is complete with amusing lyrics, Stories told every day with a lot of humor. His big hit is, may be, thousands of people know by heart many of his tunes.

The ticket prices will 20 euros (Overall price) and 15 for members. Will go on sale from the web group, but the partners have the option to write directly to the usual address to get your input.

Friends of the Arts - Luxembourg