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Concert Sans ALIDE (amb Paulin Courtial)

Wednesday 18 May, at 19.00, al local, hosted a very special concert: singer Aran
that perform accompanied by guitarist Paulin Courtial.

Ens fa una il·lusió especial perquè és el primer concert en aranès-occità que organitza el Centre Català de Luxemburg. Besides, is an exceptional singer, a gust of fresh air that comes directly Pyrenees. From there comes also the basis of his music, que combina de manera molt intel·ligent i novedosa amb ritmes força més llunyans (geographically) such soul, reggae or rumba.

Performances of ALIDE Sans are those who can not ignore. It, one of those artists who is better to live, in the flesh, that distance. Introduced in music from an early age. Moved by a strong need to communicate, at the age of fifteen he began to make the first steps in songwriting. His musical career begins 2012 when the video is discovered with Hope, project that denounces violence.

Three years after the debut disc Eth you in paradise ei (XXI common, 2015), singer, ALIDE Sans accordionist and guitarist released his second full length Henerècla (Hètaman, 2018), a revelation mestizo rhythms and musical influences of world music, sung in Occitan (Aran).

Common in the music scene Occitan, and increasingly in Catalan, Sans ALIDE has taken his sound in Catalonia, Occitània, Country, Aragon, Madrid, Italy, France… and even the US. He had the honor of recording the first song on an album of Occitan for the TV3 Marathon (a lovely version “Journey to Ithaca”).

A free voice and personality that jut, as the cool air coming down from the mountain.

More information (even listen to his latest album) in its website.

The ticket price is 15 euros for members and 18 if they are still, but you can purchase a ticket that includes the concert and David Murgadas (15 March) and brothers and Santi White Mask (30 March).