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Conference Fermin Muguruza around “Black is Beltza”

Black is Beltza

Wednesday 2 March, at 15.30 hours, singer, instrumentalist, Basque music producer and film director Fermin Muguruza will talk about his animated film Black is Beltza. We will in the framework of the 36th festival since migrations, culture and citizenship, convidat per Friendship with the Spanish Republic in Luxembourg (AREL) and the Catalan Center Luxembourg.

The film will be screened on Friday 29 March local.

Muguruza is an emblematic figure of the environment vindictive Basque. Founder of Johnny, legendary rock group of the radical Basque, and then Negu Gorriak, last twelve recorded 11 documentaries on music for the Arab Al Jazeera World. His latest project is the animated film Black is Beltza, a story of political espionage, plus a stand against racism, which has as its backdrop the revolutionary struggles of the early 1960.