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Meeting with Sebastian Alzamora

Thursday 16 January we invite you to a conversation with the Majorcan writer Sebastian Alzamora, one of the most important contemporary writers of Catalan literature.

At the 18.30 We have been members Literary Coffee to discuss with him his novel Crim de sang and, from the 19.15, we can talk with him, in a conference that will have the collaboration of the journalist Carlos Domingo. Of course you are welcome to both activities.

Sebastian Alzamora, writer

Sebastian Alzamora (Llucmajor, Mallorca, 1972) won major literary awards in the country, poetry and fiction, Roussillon as Pòrcel (1997), Documenta (1999), City Villalonga (2002), Floral games (2003), Josep Pla (2004), Carles Riba (2008) and Serra d'Or Critics (2019).

It was part of the core of the poetic movement of Unstoppable. He became known with poems Rafel (1994). later, published, others, Apotheosis of the circle (1997), from morta (2001), wellness (2003) and The visible part (2009).

As narrative the author, others, from extinction (1999), Sara and Jeremies (2002), Skin and Princess (2005), Night of the Soul (2007), Miracle a Llucmajor (2010), Crim de sang (2012), Two friends twenty years (2013) and La Malcontenta (2015), which just released a theatrical version.

His work has been translated into a dozen languages.

He is a regular contributor to the newspaper NOW. Besides writer, know for his work as a literary critic and cultural manager. I directed the magazine Culture the Government of Catalonia.

Besides, we are lucky to have him in Luxembourg a few days before the publication of his latest novel.