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From 28 September: registration for the Catalan exams of the Institut Ramon Llull

The registration period for the Catalan tests of the Institut Ramon Llull has opened. You have time until 14 d'octubre.

Tryout and certification - Institut Ramon Llull

L’Institut Ramon Llull organizing tests for the evaluation and certification of knowledge of Catalan as a foreign language outside the linguistic domain. The certificates allow the IRL demonstrate the level of knowledge of Catalan in both the academic and labor (public administration, business, institutions) and divided into five levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

To see a more complete exams, these links:

basic level (A2)
elementary (B1)
intermediate (B2)
Proficiency (C1)
upper level (C2)

L’any 2020 there will be a single call. Take note, then, of the dates and places to take the exams:

Pre - registration period for 28.9.2020 to the 14.10.2020
Payment period of 16.10.2020 to the 29.10.2020.

Test schedule:

Basic level certificate (A2)
Date of written test: 7 of November 2020
Elementary level certificate (B1)
Date of written test: 7 of November 2020
Intermediate level certificate (B2)
Date of written test: 14 of November 2020
Sufficiency level certificate (C1)
Date of written test: 21 of November 2020
Higher level certificate (C2)
Date of written test: 21 of November 2020

Date of oral tests: interested parties will be notified on the day of the written tests.

In relation to health measures relating to COVID-19, the IRL has made this note public:

The intention of the Institut Ramon Llull as organizer of the calls for tests for the assessment of knowledge of Catalan outside the linguistic domain is to carry them out normally according to the places and dates provided..

Despite this will, the holding of the tests may be affected by the measures that may be taken by the different governments and authorities of each locality under examination for the management of the health crisis caused by the Covid-19, measures that the Institut Ramon Llull must follow in compliance with the regulations, or for other circumstances related to the pandemic.

In the event that in some locality the tests cannot be carried out or there is an incident that affects the administration, the Institut Ramon Llull will inform those interested of these circumstances.

If the test is not possible once the payment has been made, tuition fees will be refunded to interested persons.

The results of the tests will be made public on the day 12 February 2021 and can be consulted at electronic of the Institut Ramon Llull.

Date of publication of results: 12 February 2021

Exam locations:

Assumption, Ais de Provence, Amherst, Amiens, Amsterdam, Bari, Belgrade, Berlin, Birmingham, Bochum, Bologna, Bristol, Brno, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chicago, Cork, Durham, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Granada, Guadalajara, Heidelberg, Helsinki, Jerusalem, At payment, Leipzig, L’Havana, Small, Lyon, Lisboa, Liverpool, London, Lorient, Luxembourg, Madrid, Marburg, Maynooth, Mendoza, Mexico, DF, Mont-real, Moscow, Munic, Naples, Nova York, Osaka, Oxford, Paris, Poznan, Quito, Regensburg, Rennes, Roma, Rosario, Saarbrücken, Salamanca, Sant Petersburg, San Sebastián, Santa Cruz of Tenerife, Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Saragossa, Sevilla, Sheffield, Siena, Szeged, Toulouse, Tokyo, Turin, Tübingen, Venice, Verona, Vitoria, Washington, Würzburg i Zadar.