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Catalan courses at the Institut Obert de Catalunya

The Open Institute of Catalonia (IOC) is the public distance education center of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which currently serves more than 25.000 students. The IOC offers a program to learn Catalan aimed at young people living abroad, he CRE. The courses are conducted through the IOC virtual campus and have the active presence of teachers who monitor each student individually.

The courses are focused on improving the writing and speaking skills in Catalan of young people who already have previous contact with the language.. At the same time, the courses are designed to cater to a wide variety of levels of use. User dynamics, activities and graphics are designed to motivate teenage students.

Catalan courses at the Institut Obert de Catalunya

The CRE is a great complementary activity to strengthen young people's connection with the Catalan language. The modular structure of the courses allows each student to do them following their pace of learning and adapt the time to the availability of the student and their school calendar..

Registration is in September and January, and the courses are active from October to January and from February to May.

You will find all the information about the CRE on the IOC portal.