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Press the FIEC

We bring you the following statement from the FIEC on the Catalan population living abroad.

The Catalan population living abroad, recorded at consulates, increases one 2,8% in a year and reaches 340.514 people on January 1, 2021, of which 256.844 with the right to vote from outside.

Uncertain scenario regarding the migratory trend in Catalonia.

He 18 March, l’INE (Statistics National Institute), has published the data of theRegister of Spaniards Residing Abroad (PERE) closed on January 1st 2021. These INE data are compiled on the basis of consular records and include the population registered to vote [those that are part of the CERA (Electoral Register of Absent Residents)] and minors 18 years.

Press the FIEC

According to INE data, a total of 340.514 catalans estan inscrits als consolats espanyols d’arreu del món(an increase of 9.325 in a year, he 2,8%) while the number of registered Spaniards rises to2.654.723 (an increase of 36.131 foreign residents in one year, he 1,4%). 

Complete press release from FIEC in PDF.

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