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Migration Festival 2023

The Migration Festival is celebrated on the last weekend of February 2023. After a couple of years of provisionality, the great celebration of diversity in Luxembourg returns in its usual format at LuxExpo.

Migration Festival 2023

With the organization ofCLAE, hundreds of associations will show the diversity of the communities resident in Luxembourg. overall, it will be two days of music, discussions, gastronomic diversity and more in a festival that annually visit more 25.000 people. As in other editions, the festival is combined with an art exhibition and the Luxembourg Salon du Livre, meeting point for writers, editors and readers of all cultures and languages ​​present in the Grand Duchy and its area of ​​influence.

Therefore, the Catalan Center of Luxembourg will be there with a stop at the Book Salon. We will have our traditional Catalan bookstore, the latest publications in Catalan and Spanish. The key piece will be our book: The legend of Sant Jordi, available in 16 languages.


Those who want and can spend some time helping us at the CCL stand will be more than welcome. You can send an email with your availability to ourusual address or get in touch with us through any other channel. Many thanks in advance.