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Calçotada 2023 (with concert)

Wednesday 26 in March comes the calçotada of this one 2023, with the novelty that we will close it with a concert. we find, like last year, in the festival hall of the Keispelt-Meispelt fanfare, to Rue Pierre Dupong number 35, de Keispelt.

This year, in addition, we will have the collaboration of the KREA association of Keispelt-Meispelt, with the presence of Ràdio América Barcelona i, as mentioned, with the musical performance of David Esterri, better known as The Rock Sparrow.

Calçotada 2023 with concert

You can sign up until the day 17. Places are numerous but limited and members had priority. For the reservation, The Calçotada returns as beforecontact address. You must indicate the name of the participants, You must indicate the name of the participants, and, if a lower register, How old is. Once done, will make payment to the account number of the CCL: LU42 1111 0921 6616 0000 a la CCP, making it clear the concept calçotada + name entry. You must indicate the name of the participants.

If you want to come later, after four the entrance is free.

Prices: 50 euros (adult nonmembers), 40 euros (adult members of the Center or the KREA) and 13 euros (under 10 a 15 years); for children 10 years is free.