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Conference on Catalan banditry

Wednesday 9 In March we invite you to a conference on Catalan banditry. It will be in charge of Ricard Dilmé, cartoonist and publicist, specialized in the figure of John of Serrallonga. It will be at the venue from 19.30 and, Members who have booked tickets for the Manel group concert, we will have bread with tomato for dinner.

Conference on Catalan banditry

Joan Sala and Ferrer, called Joan de Serrallonga, is perhaps the most iconic of the Catalan bandits, became a legend. However, the real person who inspired it remains still quite unknown. Besides, banditry is part of a historical context that is necessary to know in order to understand the lives of these men (and some woman).

We will talk about it with Ricard Dilmé and Burjats (Santa Coloma de Farners, 1966). Author of several books and comics about Serrallonga, will present us with his latest work: mountain range: Unpublished biography. With him we can also talk about hiking, his other passion. In fact, combining them has allowed him to travel the paths of bandits.

to finish, we will all have dinner together at the place. The conference is free and no registration is required, but if you want to come for dinner, We would appreciate it if you let us know by sending us an email to our address. We would also ask that you leave your blunderbuss at home.