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Calçotada 2024 with Alidé Sans

Wednesday 17 in March comes Calçotada 2024, with the Alidé Sans concert. we find, as is tradition, in the festival hall of the Keispelt-Meispelt fanfare, toRue Pierre Dupong number 35, de Keispelt.

This year, we will once again have the collaboration of the KREA de Keispelt-Meispelt association and a musical performance. If you liked the one from l’last year, don't miss this year's: singer Aran Sans ALIDE.

We have opened the registration period: the partners you can sign up exclusively until the day 5 March. For its part, the non-members they will have the opportunity to register from the day 6. Remember that places are numerous but limited. For the reservation, The Calçotada returns as beforecontact address. You must indicate the name of the participants, You must indicate the name of the participants, and, if a lower register, How old is.

Once the message is sent, will make payment to the account number of the CCL: LU42 1111 0921 6616 0000 a la CCP, making it clear the concept calçotada + name entry. You must indicate the name of the participants. Prices are: 45 euros (adult partners), 55 euros (not adult partners), 15 euros (young people of 10 a 15 years). The minors of 10 years do not pay. Besides, after four the entrance is free.

We will welcome you from 11.30.


Finally, to liven up desserts, the coffees and the table will have the big one Sans ALIDE, who will act alone. Singer-songwriter with great personality and energy, sings in Aranese a personal mix of Pyrenean and international rhythms. We are lucky, because Luxembourg will be the first stage where his new work will be played: Arraïtz, which will be published on 29 February. For the moment, you can listen to the single Ara mountain.