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Sant Jordi literary competition 2024

We have launched the Sant Jordi literary contest 2024 Catalan Center. You can send your texts right now. for St. George for St. George, for St. George: national, European and global.

for St. George:

Sant Jordi literary competition 2024
  • Curt: from 500 a 1000 words
  • Llarg: from 1500 a 2500 words

The call is now open. Any member of the CCL and anyone residing in Luxembourg or the greater region can participate. Any story in Catalan that complies with the rules will be accepted. for St. George. Please read the rules carefully and send us the texts to our contact address: you have time until 12 d’abril.

On the other band, together with other European schools and the FIEC we organize the European competition between the winners of the literary contests of each school, for St. George. Per tant, the winner of Luxembourg can aspire to win the European competition. In fact, last year's Luxembourg winner won the European and world prize. On the other band, for the third year, the European champion will also compete for the world title at a later stage of the competition. The juries of the European and world awards are made up of three renowned writers.

We will meet the winners of the European competition on the Day of External Catalonia, while the world winner will be revealed in October.

You will find the complete rules of our Sant Jordi Literary Contest 2024 in this attached document.

You can also read the winners of previous editions of this same contest.

Feel free to participate and good luck!