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The summer is yours 2024

With each any for these dates, up the program The summer is yours, a leisure proposal aimed at Catalan children and young people that includes specific shifts with places reserved for residents abroad from 8 a 16 years enrolled in the registration of Catalans residing abroad.

The modality for residents outside of The summer is yours 2024 it is organized by the Catalan Youth Agency in collaboration with the Directorate General of External Catalonia of the Department of External Action and the European Union.

Some stays of the program The summer is yours they have places reserved for Catalan children and young people living abroad in specific shifts. These places are characterized by the fact that they combine sports and fun activities with learning Catalan. Residents abroad who participate in these stays carry out two types of activities. D'band, they do common leisure activities (excursions, workshops, gymnasiums, night games…), together with the children or young people who reside in Catalonia; in these activities, they are distributed by age groups, skills and affinities. On the other band, they will also do three hours of Catalan a day, in a playful and relaxed format, to bring them closer to the Catalan language and culture. Besides, the vehicular language of the stays is Catalan.

The goal is for them to learn while having fun, living with children and young people from all over the world and also with others who live in Catalonia.

The summer is yours 2024

What shifts are there this year??

This year there are three shifts with places reserved for residents abroad, and stays take place in the Molina and Escala hostels, two Xanascat hostels with suitable leisure facilities where children and young people can enjoy all the activities on offer.

All shifts share the following characteristics:

  • Typology: combined, in other words that is, they are Catalan and multi-sport stays that combine various adventure sports activities with the practice of the Catalan language and knowledge of the culture.
  • ages: from 8 a 12 years and of 13 a 16 years.
  • duration: 7 dies (6 nits).
  • Places: 20 reserved for children or young people living abroad on a rotating basis.

The shifts that have places reserved for residents abroad are as follows:

L'Escala21.7.202427.7.2024July498,00 EUR
La Molina28.7.20243.8.2024July and August456,00 EUR
La Molina4.8.202410.8.2024August456,00 EUR

The price of the stay per participating person includes:

  • Full board accommodation from dinner on the first day to breakfast on the last day and bed linen
  • All the activities and the material needed to carry them out
  • Taxes

The price does not include, in no case, the towels, the laundry, nor the travel expenses to the place where the stay is made or from the place where the stay is made to the point of origin.

What sports activities are done during the stay?

The activities detailed below are indicative and may vary until the definitive schedule is established, but they give an idea of ​​what children and young people do during their stay.

At the Molina hostel:

  • BTT
  • Descent by boat (only for boys and girls over 13 years)
  • Climbing
  • abseil
  • Scootering

At the Escala hostel:

  • Beach activities
  • free diving
  • kayak
  • Coastal flanking
  • Surf the brake (paddle surf)
  • abseil
  • Vela

I'm interested, how do I apply for a place there??

If you want to register your son or daughter for the stays, you have to fill in the request for services from the Register and ask for the chosen turn. Keep in mind that in order to apply for a place there, they must be registered in the Register of Catalans residing abroad. The deadline for submitting applications is 2 d'April 24 May (or when all places are sold out).

Places are limited and are awarded in order of pre-registration and preference. There must be a minimum of 10 participants to carry out each of the shifts for residents outside the program The summer is yours.

later, you will receive more information from the Catalan Youth Agency, which will tell you how and when to make the payment, and will inform you of other aspects related to the stay.

You can opt for other shifts in the program The summer is yours 2024?

Yes, you can also enroll your son or daughter in the other stays that are organized as part of the program The summer is yours. You will be able to see all shifts in this one link.

In this case, registrations must be made, from the day 2 d'April 2024 directly in the pre-registration portal, you do not have to request the service through the Registration form.

You have doubts?

For more information, you can write to us at, or adreçar-te