The Battle of the Ebro

Author / Author: Jorge Martínez Reverte

Published: 2003

Editorial:Grupo Planeta (GBS)

Cams: 630

ISBN: 9788484324690 Category:


La guerra tiene olor, sabores y sonidos propios. Que son los de la muerte. Que fueron los de la batalla más triste de todas las batallas, la del Ebro. Este libro cuenta, emocionado, la historia de aquellos cuatro meses de 1938 cuando, junto a las aguas rojas, two hundred thousand men died and killed relentlessly towards an uncertain glory. Jorge M. Reverte has written a copy book: in each of its pages is a story and all of them together constitute the history of the Battle of the Ebro told from all angles, from high international politics to the bottom of the trench. After this book, combining narrative talent and historical research, how to narrate these events will never be never the same.


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