black bread

Author / Author: Weaver, Emili

Published: 06/2007


Cams: 394

ISBN: 9788496863095 Category:


Halfway between memory and fiction, in a mixture of genres, Black Bread tells the story of Andrew, a boy Plana de Vic, in crude postwar years. Her father, man firm republican ideals, Scots was imprisoned for, and his mother, now working in a factory, entrusts to relatives living in pagès.El time that Andrew will be the house of the discovery of the world of adults and the initiation of sex; a time of brave friends, Stories in the fire, Outdoor Games, make huts in the trees, Corn porridge, Bread, wine and sugar, Bread negre.Amb narrative talent that is so characteristic, Emili Teixidor accurately recreates the atmosphere of postwar rural Catalonia with a language vivíssima, rica, nuanced, and explores love and hate, animosity, revenge and hypocrisy in wartime. I will teach us an important lesson in life: more love, we are exposed to more dangers. Burning Love.


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