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10 November: Pep Concert Hall

The next day 10 November CCL organizes the concert Pep Sala will offer songs from his album Silhouettes and Roads a l’Abbaye de Neumünster.

Pep Sala concert

Pep Sala (Vic, 1960) review songs from his extensive repertoire and sound “Nina de Mallorca” -100% country- and will review his career with songs that you have not touched in direct. Pep Sala be additive, this time, without the orchestra that accompanied him on his last tour. Sounds like pieces so remarkable “11 September”, “The Old Tavern John” (Irish airs), “The Ballad of the bar band”, “Crazy for You” song time Sau, people asked insistently concert after concert.

Despite being a complete musician, Hall studied psychology at Barcelona. L’any 1986 Carles Sabater meets and together they founded Sau, a group of legendary pop-rock in Catalonia. Joe has been the composer and co-lyricist of all the band's songs, many of which have become anthems for many people. a total, Sau released a dozen albums. The Luxembourg, the group performed three times (1995, 1996 and 1997).

En fi, for those who are open to other musical trends, Highly recommended is a singer.

“Old John’s Tavern”

“Only one song”