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The Empire of lions Sebastian Bennassar (Literary Coffee)

Empire Lions

The next meeting of the Literary Café will take place on Thursday 22 in September 18.15, shortly before the conference Manuel Pedrolo. Taking advantage of the presence of the author, Sebastian Bennassar, a Luxemburg els lectors van triar la novel·la The empire of the lions.

The publisher has said:

we are in 1972. Jean Neige and his band prepare the coup that has consolidated as one of the most dangerous gangs in France. Hence to take control of the Mafia in Lyon there is a path of blood that they have started to go and that will, others, urbanize the Costa Brava, controlled half of Europe prostitution and trafficking of hashish. The band, sempre amb un peu als negocis il·legals i un altre en els de dubtosa reputació com la construcció, he 2006 is at an impasse. Neige son can keep on top of clan power?

This story, inspired by some of the French mafia gangs that operated in our country since the seventies until today, the author delves into the depths of the human soul with a key work of contemporary genre.

Surely you will read for treating many subjects. Both literary and topical.