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Lecture on the Uncle tradition

Now that Christmas is coming, we present a lecture (via Zoom) on one of the elements that define this period of the year in Catalonia: tió. Thursday 17 December, at 19 hours, we will talk to l‘Anthropologist Josep Fornés i Garcia about the origins and tradition of the uncle. Organize the Catalan Circle of Madrid with the collaboration of the CCL, the Federation of Athenaeums of Catalonia, the Diputació de Girona and the Secretary of Foreign Action.

The uncle's tradition

In addition to being an anthropologist, Fornés is a teacher, museologist and directed the ethnological museum of Barcelona for many years. He is also the author of a book on this trunk, which has had various meanings during the time that has accompanied the intimacy of the home. In his book, Fornés reveals the secrets that his uncle hides, beyond the gifts you can get to shit on Christmas Eve.

Although we associate the uncle tradition with children, the conference is intended for an adult audience. To participate, it is essential to register in the mail of the Catalan Circle of Madrid before the 15 of December. The day 16 the link for the video conference will be sent in December.