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Screening of Josep – Film Series

Up the Film Series of the Catalan Center of Luxembourg, with the screening of two films at the Cinema Utopia: Josep and My Mexican Bretzel. day 4 and 6 in May 19.00 hours in the room of the Limpertsberg we will be able to see the cartoon film Josep.

Film Series

This French production, Belgian and Catalan explains the life of the cartoonist Josep Bartolí. It goes through three stages: the civil War, World War II and the relationship with Frida Kahlo. It is based on a story by Bartolí's nephew that incorporates original works by the artist. This is how we see the Barcelona of the decade of 1930, the civil War, the Retreat and the internment of the Spanish republicans in French camps.

Directed by Aurel and written by Jean Louis Milesi, the tape features a deluxe cast. The voices of Sergi López stand out (Josep) i Sílvia Pérez Cruz (Frida Kahlo), which also signs the soundtrack.

Josepwon the first prize at the Annecy Festival 2019, in addition to the Caesar Prize 2021 to the best animated film.

Prices are for 8 euros (partners) and 10 euros (non-members) for each projection. Given the health restrictions, you must purchase a ticket on one of these two links:

You won't find the classic CCL stall at the entrance to the room where you can buy tickets and ask for information.