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Elections to the CRE

On Saturday 15 the elections will take place in May Council of Spanish Residents (CRE) the Luxembourg. You can vote at the Embassy or by mail. Only one list has been submitted, formed by several associations and headed by our partner Ramiro Muñoz.

The CREs are advisory bodies attached to the Spanish consular offices. They are made up of adults registered in the Electoral Census of Absent Residents (CERA) and are chosen through elections among the Spaniards registered in this census. If you meet the requirements, we encourage you to participate.

Elections to the CRE

To vote, you have three possibilities:

  • Ballot box at the Embassy: Saturday 15 May 2021, of the 9.00 at 14.00 hours
  • Vote by mail: filling out the form which you will find here and that you must send to the Embassy (4, Blvd. Emmanuel Servais; L-2535 Luxembourg)
  • Voting in person at the Consulate: from 3 May, Monday to Friday from 10.00 a 14.00 hours, you can take advantage of any visit to the Consulate to vote.

For more information, see the attachment or send us a message at our contact address.