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Spring of Poets 2021 with Lluís Roda

Arriba el Spring of the Poets 2021, with the Valencian poet Lluís Roda as a guest of the Catalan Center.

Like last year, he Spring arrives in the fall after a postponement forced by the health situation. Despite the difficulties, the Catalan Center of Luxembourg did not want to miss the opportunity to participate again in the largest poetry festival hosted by Luxembourg. On this occasion, dates are 24, 25 and 26 September, and the theme is "Le désir". Nine poets, including our guest, they had recited on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in three different scenarios in the country.

Specifically,, Friday at Celo d’Hesperange from 19 hours; dissabte a Neimënster a partir de les 19 hours and Sunday at the Simoncini Gallery at 11 in the morning. Just like last year, this last act, it will be made public and will be broadcast on social media. As for face-to-face events, both will be held applying the protocol CovidCheck.

You can find the full program and download it here.

All events are free.

Spring of Poets 2021 with Lluís Roda
The poet photographed by Ricardo Piquer

A little more about our guest

Lluís Roda (Valencia, 1961) he is an author of poetry, novel, essay and literary criticism.

Among the poetry awards, Vicent Andrés Estellés stands out 1989 (About the hamada), the one of the Critic of the Valencian Writers 1999 (Buirac d'amor), l'Ibn Hazm 2005 (Of the soul) and the Floral Games of Barcelona 2010 (Nadir), by which it becomes «Poet of the City». Besides, as an essayist, Surviving contemporaneity deserves the Joan Maragall award 2001, "A brilliant exercise in intellectual dissent" (Today) where he warned of the current overflow.

The poetry of Lluís Roda is born as a renovating alternative to the so-calledpoetry of experience of the late 80. Seconds A. Cabrera, “It exploits one of the most particular and undivided literary veins I know, and not only in poetry in the Catalan language ». To E. Build, “It trains us in unexpected associations, striking images that force us to think, against the spent rhythms of poets in use ».

Lluís Roda is one of the poets anthologized in In the shape of a human body I am visiting the earth (McSweeney’s, 2017). L’any 2018, Poetry International congratulated #WorldPoetryDay with a poem of his: «The poet said to his soul». This is one of the poems of Jas!, the jazz and poetry show created by David Pastor and Lluís Roda.

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