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Spring of Poets with Helga Simon Molas

This year's edition of Spring of Poets will take place on the weekend of 25, 26 and 27 of September and will have the participation of the Catalan Helga Simon Molas. Initially scheduled for April, the recitals have been postponed until the first weekend of autumn because of the coronavirus. Besides, it has also been necessary to modify the program and implement all the sanitary measures dictated by the authorities. The topic, Yet, “courage” has been maintained… when the French Ministry of Culture chose him, in October last year, surely he did not imagine that it would be so appropriate to the present situation.

Helga Simon Molas
Helga Simon Molas

The Catalan Center participates every year in this poetry festival, the most international in Luxembourg, and this year we didn’t want to miss it either. Nine poets from seven countries will be present and, on the Catalan side, Helga Simon Molas. Although we were able to hear it via Zoom on St. George's Day, it will be much better live and in person.

The full program of the festival is:
  • Friday 25, at 19 hours, al Casino Luxembourg: poetry recital by half of the participating poets, including the Catalan guest.
  • Wednesday 26, at 19 hours, and l'abadia de Neumünster: Great Night of Poetry with all participating poets.
  • Wednesday 27, at 11 hours, a la galerie Simoncini: recital-interview, broadcast by Spring Facebook channel (given the dimensions of the room, it was not safe to give a public recital). He will accompany us Marc Thill, journalist of Luxemburger Wort.
More information about our guest

Helga Simon Molas (Sant Just Desvern, 1991) she has a PhD in Biomedicine and is a poet. His beginnings in poetry materialized in the oral show Barefoot (2016), in the company of pianist Clara Aguilar. With the book A la vora (2017) won the prestigious Amadeu Oller Poetry Prize. He is working on a new book of poetry about boundaries, per example, between public and private space: a topic very much present these days.