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Showcooking and rumba concert with Dumingu

Wednesday 16 in October we invite you to a triple activity: a showcooking of seafood cuisine, a dinner and a rumba concert. The manager, both cooking and singing, will be in Dumingu.

We will open doors at 18.00 hours and, at 18.30, Dumingu will teach us how to prepare one burnt garlic in the best possible way: live and in person. After, of couse, we will all have dinner together with the burnt garlic that will prepare us. As you can see, this will be one very gastronomic october Luxemburg.

Showcooking i concert de rumba amd Dumingu

Besides, in order for the party to be complete, as a dessert for dinner we will have a rumba concert thanks to Dumingu and the musicians who accompany him for the occasion: guitarist and producer Vidal Soler and percussionist Marc Gómez Dino.

The price, which includes showcooking, dinner and concert, is from 20 euros for members and 22 Non-members. Apply the protocol CovidCheck. Per tant, places will be limited and you must register for the activity at our address Contact.

Dumingu is a musical project born in Vilanova i la Geltrú inspired by the good life, the party and good humor. Rumba is a vehicle for ironic and clever lyrics. The first record, appeared in the midst of a pandemic, carried as a title insert? and they say, they say, they say that there is a second album in preparation that will be translated by George Brassens into Catalan and rumba. Who knows if we’ll be able to hear some of this new work after hits like “The rumba of burnt garlic” O “Nai o no nai”.

We will broadcast it live on our social networks, But, of couse, it is not the same…

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